The Basics about this site

Hosted by: (12/27/2011-3/06/12)
Owner: me
Layout: made by me unless stated oherwise
Used for: Graphics,Glitters,Resouces,Websets and more

Behind the name:
The name came up from my kids nicknames. There's Lovebug-Abby, Angel-Kasey & Monkey-JJ. I wanted a name that I could keep forever and not get tired of like so many other site owners do,and I have in the past.

Current Layout

Version: Gone Batty
Colors: Oramges, Limes,Purples, Blacks
Fonts: Darkwood, 04b24
Props: Check Credits
Used: October 4,2018-

Past Layouts

Version: Crown Brust
Colors: Kahki, Red, Blue, Orange, Lime
Fonts: Hand of sean, 04b24
Props: Check Credits
Used: February7,2017- November 23,2017

Crown Preview

Version: Snow Trees
Colors: Blues, Reds, Greens, White
Fonts: Snow Blind04b24
Props: Check Credits
Used: November 23,3017-October 4,2018

ST Preview