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I'm Rose,also known as Gemmy on neopets,I'm a wife and mom of 3(JJ & Kasey & Abby).I was born on 6/15/1986 making me a Gemini.I run 2 site on neo and 3 off neo.I have a few pages on neo aswell.I enjoy reading,writing,graphic making,chatting with friends,spending time with my hubby & playing with my kids.
Likes- My kids<3,my husband,cats,dogs,birds,fish,animals like them,web design,scrapbooking,making whatever I can,shopping,music,my friends,family,going out rather it's for a reason or just for fun(no not partying)
Dislikes- Liars,cheaters,abusers,Players,Prisses,Stuck-ups,Sluts,Strippers,rap music,Basically any music that you can't understand,people who wear there pants around there knees,pimps,all them idiots in general

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Do not send me chain letters or usless junk at all

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msn: rosetingle10072005@hotmail.com(I check it monthly)
Yahoo: redneckwife100705@yahoo.com(rarely on)


Main: geminixcreations
Side 1: geminicreations02
Side 2: geminicreations03
Side 3: geminicreations04
Side 4: geminicreations05

If I'm not on any of them then it's not me..only contact me through my main account on there & no begging.

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